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Why Should You Choose Wilson’s Care Services for Elderly live-in care at home?

When it comes to our parents we want to be able to give them the best live-in care possible. However, not everyone has the time and skills to provide at home help themselves and can be physically and mentally exhausting. Finding help for our Elderly parents or a family member is essential and sometimes unavoidable.


What is live-in care and what are the responsibilities of a carer?

Live-in care means that a fully trained and hand-picked carer lives at home with a senior to monitor their health and provide care at home services. A live in care professional helps with personal care, specialised medical care, nutritional needs, offers mental support, access to getting about and completes daily household chores.


Whether it’s helping with personal care at home, housekeeping or getting out and about, our carers become a trusted rock for their residents, allowing them to live the quality of life they want each and every day.


The main benefit of hiring a live-in carer is the ability to stay in the comfort of their own home and be surrounded by what is familiar to them, whilst receiving in the best possible level home help services. This can avoid shocking changes to an elderly person’s life and lifestyle. Both their daily life and yours will improve with that extra help at home. By employing a live-in carer you allow your loved ones the company they need, from watching tv, sharing meals or enjoying days out. The at home care that is provided is flexible and tailored to their preferences to make their life as comfortable as it can be.


Why Wilson’s?

Our family’s story and our experience with failing at home care services is the reason we formed Wilson’s Care. Turning pain into positive change, Wilson’s Care is dedicated to Sybil and Gordon Wilson, and determined to provide only-the-best home care services for our clients. Since 2019, we have been rated good across the board by the Quality Care Commission, a result we are truly proud of in our first and only inspection to date!

Wilson’s Care is dedicated to their memory and driven by a determination to improve the standard of at-home live-in care offered to vulnerable adults living independently. We miss Sybil and Gordon greatly and know that if the right home caring services had been offered, then our story could have been different. Our founding principles are the ones we thought were missing from the home care agencies that we came into contact with. These principles are integrity, kindness, outstanding communication, and an ability to adapt our home care services to the needs of every individual.

If you are interested in live-in or domiciliary care for your loved ones, contact us today.


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