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Activities For People Confined to Bed

Tips and suggestions for a loved one who is confined to bed 

Whether it’s an illness, injury or fragility that has confined a loved one to bed it’s never fun staring at 4 walls all day. We have some tips and suggestions to keep them entertained and to keep them having a positive outlook on life. The most important thing is to make sure they feel loved and valued, our carers can encourage and get involved in some of these activities. 
  • A Movie night- get them one of their favourite movies and a selection of favourite snacks. Sitting together and talking about the film. 
  • Puzzles or crosswords – An inexpensive option to keep your loved one thinking and using their mind. Crosswords you can get in ook shops, supermarkets or newspapers. You can tackle these together. 
  • Exercise – getting your loved one moving with their arms. You could do this along to a song like YMCA. Not only will this get them moving but listening to music produces dopamine, a happy chemical in our brains. 
  • Writing – writing is a great option. Writing poems, stories, recovering memories, letters or keeping a diary. Writing can help clear and clarify our thoughts and can help us eliminate stress 
  • Outside – if they are able to be assisted into a wheelchair then help them get some fresh air and take the outside. The fresh air and sunlight can increase our serotonin and vitamin D levels. Make sure to use sunscreen on sunny days and to wrap up with a blanket on colder days. 
  • Small gifts – little treats and surprises will make your loved one feel cared for. This could be flowers from your local supermarket or warm socks to keep them cosy or a box of chocolates 
  • Audiobooks – Listening or reading a book. A great one to pass the time. Audiobooks are especially good for people with limited vision and movement. 

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