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Halloween Fun for Everyone

Halloween is a very exciting time of year especially for the children. However, for the elderly, vulnerable, dementia sufferers and those living alone. It can be a scary, fearful event. Where possible don’t leave an elderly or vulnerable person at home alone on Halloween. Here we provide some top tips for how Halloween can be enjoyed by everyone.

Tips for Trick or Treater’s:

  • Only knock on houses that are decorated or have a pumpkin outside. A pumpkin or decorations are a sign that visitors are welcome.
  • Be aware of noise volumes especially as it gets later.
  • Knock once then leave. If the lights are on and no one answers don’t knock or ring persistently.
  • If knocking in groups, keep groups small so as to not intimidate young or elderly that may be answering the door.
  • Don’t forget your manners, a polite Thank You when receiving those yummy treats goes a long way.

Tips for the Elderly or Vulnerable:

Those that wish to participate:

  • Spend the evening with them helping to answer the door and hand out treats
  • If treats run out put a sign at the door saying ‘no more sweets’
  • Consider a torch lit pumpkin instead of candle lit for fire safety.
  • Keep walkways and floors clear of obstructions and well-lit.
  • Avoid indulging in too many sweet and sugary treats as sugar can interfere with sleeping and medical conditions.

Those that want to opt-out:

  • Where possible don’t leave them alone
  • Keep any Halloween decoration or pumpkins out of outside view. A pumpkin is generally seen as an invitation to welcome Trick or Treater’s.
  • If you cant be with them ask a carer to sit in for the evening
  • Try to keep them in rooms away from the front door. Distracted with a movie or some music to block out unwanted noise
  • Only open the door if you feel safe to do so, its fine to ignore any callers
  • Consider putting a sign up at the front door “No Trick or Treater’s, Thank you” We have a downloadable poster available here.
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