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Home Care V’s Care Home

Although they sound the same there are some huge differences in what Care at home and Care from a Care home can deliver. So the big question is how do you know which type of Care will best suit your needs? Firstly its important to understand the difference and the support you can expect from each.

What is Home Care?

Home Care is caring for someone in the comfort of their own home. Home care can provide a range of services from help around the home, companionship, personal care, pet care and medication support. The main benefit to Home care is its flexibility. Carers visit you in your own home from as little as a few visits a week to live-in carers

What is a Care Home?

A care home is a residential building where numerous people receive accommodation and personal care. Each person will generally have their own single room within the building and this would be their sole residence.

What are the benefits to Home Care versus Care Home?

The Positives of Home Care:

  • Familiar Surroundings- Being surrounded by your own possessions and memories has been proven to have huge benefits to happiness and well being. Memories and possessions create stimuli particularly beneficial to dementia sufferers. Those cared for at home have a lower hospital admission rate
  • Increased Independence- Being institutionalised you can have less choice around daily routines. At home you decide what you want to eat and when, when you wake and go to bed
  • Cost Effective- Contrary to belief care at home is the more cost effective option as you only pay for the actual care you receive. When means tested for funding the value of your home will not be taken into account.
  • Enjoy the company of pets- many care homes have restrictions on pets
  • Friends and Family- Friends and family can visit as often and whenever they want. Easier to maintain those important friendships and bonds. Friends and family can be part of the care plan in place.
  • Better for Dementia care- Studies have shown that is is more beneficial for Dementia sufferers to be cared for at home. Surrounded by memories, stimuli and familiar surroundings. Being in a care home with other dementia sufferers with conflicting challenging behaviour can cause a lot of distress.
  • Flexibility- Care can be a couple of visits a week to live-in care. Provided at times to suit you. Support can be increased or decreased as needed. Ideal for short term needs or respite care you can cancel the provision when no longer required.

The Positives of a Residential Care Home:

  • Safety- Trained professionals available 24/7 meaning you can feel safe and secure.
  • Companionship- Loneliness reduced as there are always opportunities for social interaction and to speak with others experiencing the same health conditions. Able to participate in organised outings.
  • No Household responsibilities- Utility bills and council tax will all be taken care of.There is no responsibility for cleaning or upkeep of repairs.
  • Supervised medication- Medication is stored and administered by trained staff so there is little risk of missed medication or taking too many.
  • Nutritious Meals- Residents are served regular wholesome meals, ensuring nutritional needs are met.

What type of Care is best for me?

Choosing whether home care or a care home is the right solution for you is a very personal decision, based around what are your health care needs, what emotional support you need, what support you have from friends and family and financing the cost of care available. The important thing is to plan ahead. A crisis or emergency care need can force you into make a rash decision that isn’t right for you long term.

Historically, it has been believed that a care home is the only safe, secure option for those with advanced care needs. Thankfully this is no longer the case and the choice to stay at home can be applied to many more people. Achievable through a combination of factors including, increased flexibility of care support budgets in Local Authorities, trained care professionals in home care organisations, home adaptations and technologies to make navigating the home easier and safer.

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