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Seniors and Pets- the many benefits

Growing older can mean we adapt to a new way of life. Friends and loved-ones visit less or pass away and it can become increasingly more difficult to enjoy activities outside of the home. Research has shown that pets can be very beneficial for health and well-being. Pets have numerous benefits to older people some that you may not have considered before.


Loneliness is very common in older seniors. Having a pet can greatly reduce those feelings of isolation.

Having a Routine

Caring for a pet and their needs provides structure and purpose to daily life. There are responsibilities to caring for a pet but nothing too demanding.


Everybody can benefit from regular physical exercise. Committing to a regular exercise routine can be very hard. Having a dog means regular walks become part of daily routines. All pets help to keep people active, even if its a simple task of feeding the pet.

Reduce Stress

Pets act as a natural stress reliever. This could be because o the structure and companionship. However, it is proven that people with pets release higher Oxytocin. This hormone is associated with lowering stress levels and increased happiness.


Pets in particular dogs can give the owner an increased sense of security and protection. Thieves will normally be deterred from burgling a home with a barking dog. Pets can also make noise to alert if there is a problem.

Going Out

Having a pet gives you multiple reasons to go out. Not only exercising the pet, there’s grooming, vets appointments and social activities.

Making New Companions

Dogs are natural ice breakers. When walking your dog people will stop to pat the dog and engage in conversation. There are also community and charitable events.

Taking Care of Something

Taking care of an animal gives a great sense of purpose and the desire to feel valued and useful is relentless.

It is evident that having a pet as an elderly senior has so many rewards and positive effects. However in declining health or reduced mobility a pet can become a burden and challenging. With homecare visits you can build pet care into your care plan. Your dedicated Care Support Assistant can make sure the daily needs of you and your pet are being met. They can take your dog for walks or let your cat in and out. Collect pet food, feed pets, take them to appointments and groomers. The benefits of owning a pet should not be restricted to those that are mobile or in full health. When there is support on hand to manage the daily tasks associated with caring for your pet there is no reason you should not be able to benefit from sharing your daily life with a loving pet.

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