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Visiting Care is the flexible support you need when you need it most. Our expert care providers help you to remain happy and independent in your...

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Whether it’s preparing meals, cleaning or running errands, our expert team will take the pressure off and keep your home just the way you...


Care isn’t always complex. Sometimes it’s a friendly face and companion, providing emotional support and helping to enrich your...

Live-in Care

Care around the clock with your own live-in carer. Live-in Care provides an affordable alternative to a Care Home.

Our Story

Our family’s story and our experience with failing care services is the reason we formed Wilson’s Care. Turning pain into positive change, Wilson’s Care is dedicated to Sybil and Gordon Wilson. Beloved parents to Lesley and Gillian and doting grandparents to Scott, Kirsty and Mhairi.


Gordon and Sybil were born in Glasgow in 1933 but after 70 years moved to Essex in their retirement to be closer to their grandchildren. They moved to a beautiful but relatively remote village in the Rodings. After 5 years enjoying life in the countryside and being closer to their family, Sybil’s health deteriorated. A number of misdiagnoses failed to recognise the very rare autoimmune disorder, Sjogren’s Syndrome, that Sybil had developed. In their tiny village in the Rodings care was difficult to arrange and Gordon’s devotion to Sybil led him to take on the responsibility of becoming Sybil’s full time carer. He was with her and caring for her until she passed in 2013. 


Gordon strength of character and will was at the forefront of everything he did – including caring for Sybil. He had enjoyed a highly successful but stressful career as a headmaster in some of Scotland’s most difficult schools. He suffered a heart attack in 2008 which brought on vascular dementia. His determination to provide Sybil with the highest quality of life masked the initial impact of his dementia. Once his diagnosis had taken place, it was near impossible to arrange sufficient care that could allow him to live independently in his own home. Unfortunately, in September 2015 tragedy struck. Gordon went missing from his home in the Rodings and after a painful and exhausting 4 month nationwide search, Gordon was found in Sybil Hedingham, Essex in January 2016. His date of death is unknown. Found in a village that echoed his wife’s name, we like to think he was returning to the woman he loved the most. 


Wilson’s Care is dedicated to their memory and driven by a determination to improve the standard of care offered to vulnerable adults living independently. We miss Sybil and Gordon greatly and know that if the right care had been offered then our story could have been different. Our founding principles are the ones we thought were missing from the care agencies that we came into contact with. These principles are integrity, kindness, outstanding communication, and an ability to adapt care to the needs of every individual.

We've been there. We understand.

Our personal experience of disappointment in the care system fuels our passion to deliver exceptional service where integrity, kindness, outstanding communication and adaptability are the basis of all we do

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